Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Today was Memorial Day, well, I guess technically, it still is, but for my intents and purposes, this day is over. I am onto tomorrow in my head, planning all of the things I need to do and plan for this week and next. Only about 14 days of school left total, and my kids probably won't have to go the last few days of exams. Yikes!!I was quite productive this weekend, and so was Mark! Yippee!! My desk is cleaned off, my photos now have a back up hard drive in addition to the hard drive they are stored on, the graduation announcements are ready to go, party invites went out, I read two books, and worked on Tony's album. Really coming to the end of that- ordered some more pics for it tonight, and I hope to finish it by this weekend except for the graduation photos, that I can't put in until the end. I will build the pages for those shots first, so I know what I need to take for the book. Mark did all kinds of outdoor work, including trimming the giant holly bush that was taller than the house- he used the upstairs as a ladder, leaning out the window of our bedroom with a polesaw to cut the bush. He also repaired the sectional in the basement, and recaulked the kids' bathtub. Yay for us. Now we really need to have a garage sale next weekend. I had been holding onto stuff for the swim team sale, but when I asked where I could drop it off, they never got back to me, so I still have it all, and it is taking up quite a bit of room in my garage. Not like the rest of it is super neat, either. I figure we'll drag everything out to sell, and while we are waiting on buyers, we will clean out the rest of the crap. Is that a plan for success or what?I am energized by the amount we got done this weekend, so I am ready for the week. I am going to read a book the rest of the evening. Doesn't that sound wonderful??

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