Saturday, October 22, 2011


One of the few resolutions/challenges that I have semi-kept up with is the challenge of reading 50 books this year.
I am going to list some of the titles I have read here- I will try and list the second part closer to the end of the year. Sorry for the lack of author's names. If I took the time to find all of those, this would never get posted.

1.Made to Crave
2.Who Loves You Best
3.My Nest isn't Empty; It just has More Closet Space
4.Time of My Life
5.The Girl Who Fell from the Sky
7.Organized Simplicity
8.The One that I Want
9.Look Again
10.I Remember Nothing
11.You Don't Look Like Anyone I Know
12.Getting In
13.Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl
14.Home Safe
15.The Writer's Circle
16.The Department of Lost and Found
17.A Bump in the Road
18.Not Ready for Mom Jeans
19.Backseat Saints
20.Too Much Happiness
22.Everyone worth Knowing
23.My Monastery is a Minivan
24.Live More, Want Less
25.The Hunger Games
26.Catching Fire
28.Someone will be with You Shortly
29.The End of Overeating
30.My Fair Lazy
31.Thin is the New Happy
32.Working it Out
33.Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
34.Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
35.Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
36.Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
37.Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
38.Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
39.Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
40.The Happiness Project

Still on track to get 50 read. I have about 3 or 4 books going currently. If holiday things don't get too out of control, I should complete this challenge.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An AHA moment for me

I saw this quote on pinterest this week, and it really hit home with me. Then, I was reading one of my favorite blogs, the Nesting Place, and she had this video. I really think this is one of those messages I am meant to be seeing this week. As the dissatisfaction with my own work grows, I need not to quit, but to keep going and put out even more work, so that I can get past this. I never knew this was common, and I was always sad to be disappointed in my work. Now, I am going to view it as closing the gap.

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Technology and Me... NOT a love story

(not my home office, but I can dream, right?)

Spent a lot of today trying to do things with my laptop, and not getting them done. Things that I spent 3 hours attempting to accomplish this morning, my husband walked in and did in 5 minutes after work, only after I insisted he come into the room with the actual computer in it and not tell me from the basement that I had everything I needed. SOOO frustrating for me, but now I should be able to do the things I was trying to do this morning the next time I have time. (should be Friday morning, I think...)
Planning to record for my HEALTHY follow on tomorrow, I hope, and then do some other blogging later in the week.
Spending time at this desk today has shown me I have some more work to do to make the office workable for me. I need to do this while spending the least amount of money. I will be searching the web for ideas and also, an inexpensive and smaller office chair- there is NOT enough room behind this desk for me and this chair! First purchase today- a surge protector to help contain some of the cords. Also, an e-mail to my handyman to move an outlet from behind the bookcases. I am in the land of electrical spaghetti here, people.
I also decided I want to replace some of the photos on my photo ledge with more of my family. I used to think that would be weird to show for my photo business, but now I think I would just rather look at my family in my office. No offense to other clients, but I can show different finishes and mountings with my kids just as easily as with others.
Did get photoshop loaded on this machine today- so hopefully I can edit photos if I have time tomorrow afternoon before the chorus concert. Whew- March is already here, and I have a lot of things I need to be doing. Working on the not panicking and actually doing things that can be finished. Time for bed, so I will be back at it tomorrow. Good night- what thing is on your list that you need to FINISH? got anything lurking on its third or fourth to do list?? (or is that just me?)

Thursday, February 24, 2011


listening to podcasts of The Paperclipping Roundtable
eating too much- even of the good stuff
drinking unsweetened iced tea, now that I gave up soda, is that any better?
wearing t-shirts with cardigans and scarves, and still boots
feeling a little overwhelmed by all I want to accomplish but can’t seem to start
wanting a mirrored chest at Tuesday Morning- may go get it tomorrow if it is still there
needing a few more hours of sleep than I've been managing the last few nights
thinking too much and not doing enough
enjoying reading and my job
wondering how to get more hours or just more productive hours
creating not much- trying to put that on my list, reupholstering a chair for what seems like forever
procrastinating by creating lists instead of scratching them off, sometimes the same list more than once!
pondering lots of ideas from what I am reading and my inability to truly cross off the things that I seem to care about, given how many times I’ve written them on lists
loving spending time with my girls doing fun things, especially free ones
anticipating a day off tomorrow, and the chance to do a few things
reading Split Ends, The Grace of God, One Thousand Gifts, Made to Crave and magazines
organizing my office
decorating my bathroom, just a little bit

This came from Lee at Embrace Life I like these simple answer these questions type of posts. Makes it easier to blog some things.
Trying to work through some eating issues (what else is new, I like to eat more than I need) and have been feeling a bit low in that I have found some old lists (a hazard of really cleaning in the office) and many of the things on my current lists can be found on old lists, too. They are still not done. No matter how many lists I put them on. That is sad to me. It makes my thinking and planning and list making seem futile. I know it isn't, but I found a list where I was trying to do much of what I am trying to do for my healthy life right now, and the only habit that has stuck from that list from 2007? Making my bed every day. The only thing keeping me from crying over that, is that at least making my bed is now such a habit that I cannot imagine leaving it unmade on any day. Maybe some of these other habits could become lifestyle changes for me.
Project lists are much the same- I have had a similar project list for many years for this house. I think I am going to pick out 6 projects to complete this year. Some of them are expensive, and they may have to wait, but some are not, and they can get done. One of the things I don't like about the Designed To Sell show on HGTV (and I do like the show) is that the people don't do anything to make their house nice until they want to sell it. I do NOT want to be those people- I want to like my house while I am living in it, not offer it for sale to someone in better shape than I lived in it.

Alright, enough belly aching by me- I am going to work on photos this weekend, and hopefully that means I will have some photo centered posts for next week. I am trying to get a system down for working on photos and scrapbooking and reading. Once I tried to list everything I had to do in a week and include some time for all of my hobbies, like photography, reading, scrapbooking, and exercise. I added up the hours and it was more hours than exist, so I want to adjust. Apparently I can do it all, just not all in the same week. (There I go making lists again!)

What are your currents?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Cuteness

I'll try to keep better track, but somewhere on the web led me to these adorable Valentine brownie bags. I love them. I love the idea of bringing them in for my coworkers on Valentine's Day. (next Monday, which means, get cracking!)
I am not sure if it will be brownies, or a fun Chex mix with holiday M&Ms in it, like here, or something different. But I definitely want to show the love on that day.

Healthy Update

Keeping up with my HEALTHY resolutions-
Healthy Body
sleep 8 hours a night- still not up to 8 hours, but working on it. Still not turning on the TV unless I think the weather warrants it.
give up soda- still no soda since January 17
drink more water- drinking more, probably still not enough
eat 5 fruits and veggies a day- pretty good with this, since they are free on WW
walk the dog 5x a week- twice in two weeks does not earn me any gold stars
take three classes a week (yoga, etc.)- yoga is a go, nothing else yet
stretch with Alyssa 2x a week- managed this twice, and then Alyssa pulled her hamstring (not stretching with me!) so it will be a bit longer before that becomes regular habit- Alex may have to step in for a bit.

Healthy Mind
read 50 books in a year- I finished The Girl who Fell From the Sky and The One Who Loves You Best these 2 weeks. I think I counted up 20 books I have right now either on my kindle or in a basket that I want to read. All of them. Right now.
complete 2 photography projects- haven’t picked projects yet (still- need to look for project #1)
meditate (work up to 10 minutes at a time)- haven’t worked on this yet
create a monthly review scrapbook layout- behind on January, but it isn’t a great picture taking month for me. Hoping to catch up before February is over
visit a museum once a month- still a no for the year- must put on calendar
complete the scrapbooking classes I sign up for- FAIL. Plan to make a list of currently unfinished classes to put my things in order for.
complete NaNoWriMo in January- FAILED. But want to keep writing, so that is good.

Healthy Finances
complete Dave Ramsey class-decided I will miss too many classes with Dance, etc, and Mark travelling, so I am going to work through the book
feel in control- Not yet
monthly meeting with Mark- did my homework while he was gone, working on better control

Healthy Marriage
date night once a month with Mark (and the financial meeting doesn't count)- no date night, no plans. I guess if I want one, I better plan one.

Healthy Home
organized cleaning plan- need a better plan- would like to start cleaning things out, and definitely need a plan for that
completing projects in a timely manner (I will try and make a list of projects for each month)- haven’t made my full list yet- and now it is the middle of February, so I need to get on that!
In January, my one goal is to finish reupholstering the chair I started in the fall- started recovering it, decided I wanted different fabric, waited a week to get fabric, got fabric, started upholstering it, decided it needed covered buttons on the back. Covered buttons, but now need upholstery needle to finish attaching buttons. Buying tomorrow.

Healthy Spirit
daily devotional time and more prayer-Reading the One Year Bible pretty regularly, also my boss gave me a book by Andy Stanley called The Grace of God which is really good for me, and is helping me with some issues I have.