Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Learning Digi Stuff

See this cool frame on the photo? Totally digital. Love it. It came in a pack (file) of about 10 frames- all in various states of age. I like how it sets the picture off, so you may be seeing more of them in my blog. This is one of my favorite photos of Alyssa- it is from vacation in August. Her response? I don't even have any make up on! (She's 12!) If I could look like that without makeup, I would never wear it.
I am working on an album called 30 Days Hath September. It is supposed to be helping me be more "in the moment" as I scrapbook everyday. Wow- I am really trying to keep up, but I end up having to print the photos every few days, which means I am writing things in a notebook and then transferring them to the album, effectively ruining the "of the moment-ness." Yesterday I decided that I did not have to follow every prompt exactly as layed out for me, and that has helped immensely. I should be all caught up and ready to go on in the moment as of Friday, I would think. I printed pictures today, and I will see how far I get tonight. I decided only to use the prompts if I can't think of something else I want to do.
Spent 20 minutes cleaning in the scrap room today. About 60 more days of 20 minutes a day ought to do it. Put away all of the things from Creative Escape, except the projects, and I plan to photograph them as I finish them to show you all. I did get the work space cleared off, so that will help get the album done as well. The sectional was not a good place to scrapbook.
Working a half day tomorrow and then continuing on the great clean out- community yard sale is Saturday morning. Not much time left.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Yoga Monday

My 21st anniversary was on Friday. Mark and I went out to dinner at Mike's American Grill- excellent food- I had the Virginia Trout- yum! When we got home, I was feeling bad about the fact that I had only gone that day to get Mark some clothes and a card, but I did have them in a gift bag. Mark then told me that he got me a card, but left it at work. Since he left today for California, I guess I won't be getting my card for a while. Oh well, the food was excellent. (Glad I made him spring for dessert!)

This is DeAun and me in Arizona after registering on Thursday. They had set up this lovely photo shoot by the fountain in the lobby of the hotel. I actually like this picture of the two of us. People would start talking to us and then suddenly say- hey, are you two sisters? It was quite funny. Looking at this picture, I can kind of see why. You can sort of see the aprons I "altered" by covering the pockets with different fabric and adding some ribbon. We really liked them, and they were not too over the top. And they were practical- some of those supplies we used would not have been kind to clothes. Some ladies really go for the gaudy at these things (how many things can you tie to a flip flop and still walk?- you'd be surprised.) DeAun was pleased that I didn't offend her style asthetic (sp?) and make her wear something hideous out of guilt.
Subbed a half day today for 6th grade. Boy, sixth grade in September is way different than sixth grade in April, which is when I subbed for them last year. These guys are still learning how to go to their lockers. Subbing again tomorrow, but I only have to do it for an IEP meeting, so I am probably going to have to spend some time in the counseling office filing or something.
Yoga tonight for the first time this fall session- actually this one will go through June. It was so lovely. Just as I thought after the marvelous massage we had at the Aji Spa- I do not relax enough in my daily life. I really need to work on that. (Work on relaxing? Does that sound right??)
Tomorrow starts the Biggest Loser, and I am embarrassingly excited about the start of a new season. I don't watch much real TV, and that is a favorite for sure. I love to see those people lose that weight. And they work so hard, all while I sit on my couch watching them. I'll be looking for favorites right from the start. Makes my 5 lbs seem like I am just not trying (and some days I am not), but I love to see these people drop 17 lbs in one week. If only.....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Home Again

DeAun and I returned home safely late last night, and I wanted to check in on the blog quickly tonight. My trip to Arizona and the Creative Escape convention was incredible. Inspiring, fun, relaxing (at least after the classes ended-)- it really was an escape. Today it was right back into the swing of things with Summer's first vet appointment, and a physical therapy appointment for Alyssa. I have an appointment tomorrow to get my hair colored- hooray! It is really starting to show its true colors, which is not at all the beautiful auburn color I enjoy after a session at the salon. And so the craziness creeps back in...
I was planning to blog from Arizona, but the internet didn't work in our room, and it cost $12.95 a day. DeAun and I were wondering why the cheap hotels can offer free internet in your room and free breakfast, while the expensive places charge you for everything??
I will share some of the projects we did at CE once the box of them arrives at home. I did appreciate the chance to ship some things and not worry about them in my suitcase. Also, I did get the album that I am completing right now called 30 Days Hath September. It is all about scrapbooking in the moment, which I hope I will be able to keep up with this month. I have to do some catching up from the time I was out of town.
Hopefully I will be able to keep up on the blog, the September album and my Gratitude Book from Creative Escape all at the same time.- wish me luck and focus!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

We survived the first day of school- Alyssa is excited she has some friends in all of her classes. This is a first for middle school. Alex was interested to learn she will be writing in photojournalism, not taking pictures as we thought she might be. I think she will enjoy it, so I am glad. The writing comes really easily for her, and she seemed to think the class would be fun. This is a good thing, as the loss of Honors Art was a real blow.
On my way to Phoenix tomorrow. Cannot wait. Did so much today- sent a package to Tony, went to the fabric store, went to the commissary, cleaned in the house, finished all of the laundry, packed, edited and uploaded my last photo job, notified the last two clients about their galleries, went to the library, took a 2 mile walk with the puppy, and fixed dinner. Normally the commissary wears me out, and that is all I can accomplish in a day. Love the motivation of a trip!
Need some sleep and to weigh my luggage (I'm a little scared!).
On a product placement note, you should try the Olay Thermal Pedicure. I saw it in a magazine on vacation, and it really does smooth out your feet.
Have a great Wednesday- I'll be in the air! Hooray!

Monday, September 1, 2008

September 1st and the real New Year's Eve

It is Labor Day evening and my daughters are in a dither about what to wear tomorrow for the first day of school. I cannot believe that summer is over and school is starting. Unlike many mothers, I am not looking forward to the end of summer. Starting tomorrow we have dance classes and homework and practice and games to perform at. I enjoy the more relaxed days of summer time. Maybe school starting will help me form a few new habits. Like blogging at least 5 days a week. I have some ideas, but I plan on spreading them out at bit. I am on the computer enough to be on my own blog that much.

Once again, I have a chance to start my self improvement plan- and anything can be aided by the purchase of fresh school supplies! Loving all of the unopened paper and pencils and neat packages of pens. That is the only good part of school starting. Nothing like a blank notebook to get the motivation going.

I am going on a trip to Arizona on Wednesday with my sister to Creative Escape. I am very excited about that, now that I have finished all of my homework. It was a bit daunting to pull and trim pictures for unknown projects. I really am most looking forward to spending time with her, and extending my summer a bit, although 113 degrees may be a bit too much summer for me.

Have established a good walking habit this summer, adding a weekly yoga class this fall, and at some point hope to get to a weight workout. So much maintenance for this body!

The real guilt- I only got through two weeks of my bible study- I am hoping to pick that up next week after returning from AZ.

Will blog soon about Tony at college, some product reviews- love to help you spend money, maybe some scrapping/photo stuff, vacation on Emerald Isle (say it together...aaahh...), and more! Stay tuned- if any of you are still out there listening.