Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Learning Digi Stuff

See this cool frame on the photo? Totally digital. Love it. It came in a pack (file) of about 10 frames- all in various states of age. I like how it sets the picture off, so you may be seeing more of them in my blog. This is one of my favorite photos of Alyssa- it is from vacation in August. Her response? I don't even have any make up on! (She's 12!) If I could look like that without makeup, I would never wear it.
I am working on an album called 30 Days Hath September. It is supposed to be helping me be more "in the moment" as I scrapbook everyday. Wow- I am really trying to keep up, but I end up having to print the photos every few days, which means I am writing things in a notebook and then transferring them to the album, effectively ruining the "of the moment-ness." Yesterday I decided that I did not have to follow every prompt exactly as layed out for me, and that has helped immensely. I should be all caught up and ready to go on in the moment as of Friday, I would think. I printed pictures today, and I will see how far I get tonight. I decided only to use the prompts if I can't think of something else I want to do.
Spent 20 minutes cleaning in the scrap room today. About 60 more days of 20 minutes a day ought to do it. Put away all of the things from Creative Escape, except the projects, and I plan to photograph them as I finish them to show you all. I did get the work space cleared off, so that will help get the album done as well. The sectional was not a good place to scrapbook.
Working a half day tomorrow and then continuing on the great clean out- community yard sale is Saturday morning. Not much time left.

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Rochelle said...

very cute photo of the girl!!!! (and good job on the cleaning!)