Monday, September 1, 2008

September 1st and the real New Year's Eve

It is Labor Day evening and my daughters are in a dither about what to wear tomorrow for the first day of school. I cannot believe that summer is over and school is starting. Unlike many mothers, I am not looking forward to the end of summer. Starting tomorrow we have dance classes and homework and practice and games to perform at. I enjoy the more relaxed days of summer time. Maybe school starting will help me form a few new habits. Like blogging at least 5 days a week. I have some ideas, but I plan on spreading them out at bit. I am on the computer enough to be on my own blog that much.

Once again, I have a chance to start my self improvement plan- and anything can be aided by the purchase of fresh school supplies! Loving all of the unopened paper and pencils and neat packages of pens. That is the only good part of school starting. Nothing like a blank notebook to get the motivation going.

I am going on a trip to Arizona on Wednesday with my sister to Creative Escape. I am very excited about that, now that I have finished all of my homework. It was a bit daunting to pull and trim pictures for unknown projects. I really am most looking forward to spending time with her, and extending my summer a bit, although 113 degrees may be a bit too much summer for me.

Have established a good walking habit this summer, adding a weekly yoga class this fall, and at some point hope to get to a weight workout. So much maintenance for this body!

The real guilt- I only got through two weeks of my bible study- I am hoping to pick that up next week after returning from AZ.

Will blog soon about Tony at college, some product reviews- love to help you spend money, maybe some scrapping/photo stuff, vacation on Emerald Isle (say it together...aaahh...), and more! Stay tuned- if any of you are still out there listening.

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