Thursday, February 25, 2010

Currently Reading

Finally getting around to reading this. I know everyone else in the world has basically finished singing its praises a long time ago.
Initially, this book did not appeal to me at all. I don't really know what changed in me to make me pick it up, but I am liking the book. I have not finished it, but I am in the last section on Indonesia.
This book has done a few things for me:

1. I really want to go to Italy. and eat.

2. I am very interested in the meditation/quiet time idea. I have been trying to meditate for a little while now, and I cannot do it. Talk about a runaway train of thinking- can't seem to shut the brain down. As I have issues with not dealing with stress well, I am going to be trying harder for this one. I started trying to meditate for 10 minutes, and I cannot seem to make it past 2 or 3. Stillness definitely does not come naturally for me.

3. I like the idea of balance. I haven't finished the last third of the book yet, so this idea is not totally fleshed out for me, but I find myself seeking what I want my life to look like. If I don't know what I want, how will I know I am working towards it, or even living it?

4. I am trying to embrace the idea that I can let go of some of the negative things I drag around. Yes, they happened, yes, it wasn't fair or nice or how I wanted it, now quit worrying about what I cannot change.

All in all, a thought provoking book, and although I am not totally a fan of the person she starts out as, I am growing to like the person the author is becoming as a result of her travels.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Around Here

I am an avid reader of Ali Edwards blog. She is inspiring in many ways, mostly with simple ways to tell your story. She posted a blog at WishStudio, which I only found today because of her link. I really like how she repeated the words, Around Here, and followed it with what was going on in her life. Her list is much more insightful than mine, but I am working on a deeper one just for me,and not the blog.

Around here, there are huge piles of snow in our yard.
Around here, lasagna is bubbling in the oven.
Around here, the girls are at one of their many dance classes.
Around here, we are anticipating going to school after almost two full weeks of snow break.
Around here, Dad is going in to work for the last few times, to sign papers and go to the doctor as he prepares for retirement from the Marine Corps.
Around here, Mom is waiting for her 7:30 yoga class.
Around here, clothes are laid out for four days of work.
Around here, the girls’ rooms are cleaner than they have been in a long time.
Around here, Mom is taking the Yesterday and Today class from Ali Edwards along with Susan Usry- a few months late. Better late than never.
Around here, it is cold.
Around here, we take photos to record our lives right now.
Around here, we are enjoying watching the Olympics together at night.
Around here, Summer is frustrated with the lack of walking in all of this snow.
Around here, we are in a good place.

What is happening around you?