Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Technology and Me... NOT a love story

(not my home office, but I can dream, right?)

Spent a lot of today trying to do things with my laptop, and not getting them done. Things that I spent 3 hours attempting to accomplish this morning, my husband walked in and did in 5 minutes after work, only after I insisted he come into the room with the actual computer in it and not tell me from the basement that I had everything I needed. SOOO frustrating for me, but now I should be able to do the things I was trying to do this morning the next time I have time. (should be Friday morning, I think...)
Planning to record for my HEALTHY follow on tomorrow, I hope, and then do some other blogging later in the week.
Spending time at this desk today has shown me I have some more work to do to make the office workable for me. I need to do this while spending the least amount of money. I will be searching the web for ideas and also, an inexpensive and smaller office chair- there is NOT enough room behind this desk for me and this chair! First purchase today- a surge protector to help contain some of the cords. Also, an e-mail to my handyman to move an outlet from behind the bookcases. I am in the land of electrical spaghetti here, people.
I also decided I want to replace some of the photos on my photo ledge with more of my family. I used to think that would be weird to show for my photo business, but now I think I would just rather look at my family in my office. No offense to other clients, but I can show different finishes and mountings with my kids just as easily as with others.
Did get photoshop loaded on this machine today- so hopefully I can edit photos if I have time tomorrow afternoon before the chorus concert. Whew- March is already here, and I have a lot of things I need to be doing. Working on the not panicking and actually doing things that can be finished. Time for bed, so I will be back at it tomorrow. Good night- what thing is on your list that you need to FINISH? got anything lurking on its third or fourth to do list?? (or is that just me?)