Friday, March 27, 2009

Photo Business

Since I have been unsuccessful thusfar in my job search, I am choosing to focus some energy on my photography business. I would really love to build it up into something that could actually take the place of working somewhere else. I got a new logo- isn't it cool? and I am working on a really cool website. I'll let you know when it is up and running. You'll be able to access this blog from the homepage.
I had a great in studio session with a senior a few weeks ago and I thought I would share some pics.

Such an easy subject to make look good. I shot her brother last week, and I will post some of those next week.
Friends from California are coming on Sunday for lunch, so I am planning on cleaning and cooking tomorrow. Can't wait. Making yummy stuff.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Today is Friday the 13th- I have mixed feelings about that date. I don't really have many superstitions (any that I can think of), but I was a bit leery when I dropped off my puppy to be spayed this morning. That was supposed to happen a couple of weeks ago, but with her fabulous sense of timing, she went into heat the day before her appointment. So as not to go through that again, I scheduled her appointment as soon as I could. Hope everything goes well- I don't like that I can't really explain to her what is going on. She is going to be freaked out!
Here is what it looks like here this morning. Keep in mind that when I walked the dog on Monday, I was in shorts and I got sweaty. (80 degrees)

This is crazy- I enjoyed my 8-9" last week, but we are into the second week of March, and I am finished with winter. The sad thing is I would have loved this in January or February. It is too late, winter, and you can't make it up to me now! Now you have to wait until December. Please plan better for next year, and get the snow up earlier and more frequently. (think several 3 inch snows instead of only one 9" snow, KWIM?)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Why am I a single parent when I've been married for 21 years?

As a Marine wife, I am used to being the only parent a lot of the time. The only times it really gets to me is 1)when I need to be in 2 places to pick up kids at the same time and 2)when the kids are sick. Well, Alex is sick and I am on week 2 of Mark being gone, and I don't like it. I hate seeing her feeing so bad. It is rather pitiful.
The other day we were watching The Biggest Loser (my one and only TV show) and one of the women was crying because she had been away from her husband for something like 3 or 4 weeks. Both of my girls thought she was such a wimp. This military lifestyle has seriously warped my girls. I was trying to explain why it might be difficult if your husband never traveled and was home every night, and Alex said "Never traveled? You would have no time by yourself? Oh, I can't have that kind of husband!" I guess that means I haven't made being alone seem too bad. Luckily for Alex, her intended, Joe Jonas, will have to travel some of the time for touring, so she has that to look forward to! :).
Trying to get motivated on a Saturday, but my headache is making me want a nap! Off to do something...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh yeah- I have a blog!!

I am going to skip the mea culpa for not posting, and just start posting again. Two snow days this week (now that it is March) have put me on an odd schedule. Add to that a husband traveling,and my to-do list is not taking first priority. Hard to stay motivated when the kids are home from school- which is why I love snow days- no expectations for productivity. Anything you accomplish is pure bonus.
Now everyone is back to school for a full day, and I have high hopes for my day. I am working on a few things, some of which seem contradictory. The first thing is- I am looking for a job. This is more difficult now that half a million other people are also looking for a job. I am trying to stay positive, but it is a bit discouraging, all of this applying on line with no response. Hits the ego kind of hard- I am not asking for a top level job, here. The second thing is- I am trying to improve my website and photography business. I guess if I can't find a job, I can at least try to up my income from my preferred business. I am working with someone to design a logo for me and also on getting a slideshow on my website.
My weight loss is slooooow but steady. I am hoping to be down 6 more pounds by the middle of April. Don't know if that is going to happen, but I really want it to stick. I will say it is a bit dismaying how little you actually need to eat in order to keep yourself alive and not gaining. I like food- really! I don't like the limits, but that is the reality. Alyssa is working on it with me, and Alex starts and stops- she says she wants someone to bestow the will power upon her. It will be a while before that happens- I've been waiting for 18 years or so, since I had a kid and had my first experience of weighing more than I wanted to. Noone showed up with the will power for me.

Lent began, and with the dietary changes I had already made, I didn't want to do anything with food for Lent. I have decided not to spend any unnecessary money on me. No magazines, books, cds, scrapbooking supplies, clothes, shoes, etc. for me. Target profits may be down this quarter. I am hoping for two things out of this- one-more space in my day because I won't be running around to stores so I can use that time for Bible Study and self improvement, and two-I will break the habit of running around and shopping for no reason, and will eventually spend less even after Easter. Pray for me- this is much harder than giving up soda.