Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Home Again

DeAun and I returned home safely late last night, and I wanted to check in on the blog quickly tonight. My trip to Arizona and the Creative Escape convention was incredible. Inspiring, fun, relaxing (at least after the classes ended-)- it really was an escape. Today it was right back into the swing of things with Summer's first vet appointment, and a physical therapy appointment for Alyssa. I have an appointment tomorrow to get my hair colored- hooray! It is really starting to show its true colors, which is not at all the beautiful auburn color I enjoy after a session at the salon. And so the craziness creeps back in...
I was planning to blog from Arizona, but the internet didn't work in our room, and it cost $12.95 a day. DeAun and I were wondering why the cheap hotels can offer free internet in your room and free breakfast, while the expensive places charge you for everything??
I will share some of the projects we did at CE once the box of them arrives at home. I did appreciate the chance to ship some things and not worry about them in my suitcase. Also, I did get the album that I am completing right now called 30 Days Hath September. It is all about scrapbooking in the moment, which I hope I will be able to keep up with this month. I have to do some catching up from the time I was out of town.
Hopefully I will be able to keep up on the blog, the September album and my Gratitude Book from Creative Escape all at the same time.- wish me luck and focus!

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