Monday, September 15, 2008

Yoga Monday

My 21st anniversary was on Friday. Mark and I went out to dinner at Mike's American Grill- excellent food- I had the Virginia Trout- yum! When we got home, I was feeling bad about the fact that I had only gone that day to get Mark some clothes and a card, but I did have them in a gift bag. Mark then told me that he got me a card, but left it at work. Since he left today for California, I guess I won't be getting my card for a while. Oh well, the food was excellent. (Glad I made him spring for dessert!)

This is DeAun and me in Arizona after registering on Thursday. They had set up this lovely photo shoot by the fountain in the lobby of the hotel. I actually like this picture of the two of us. People would start talking to us and then suddenly say- hey, are you two sisters? It was quite funny. Looking at this picture, I can kind of see why. You can sort of see the aprons I "altered" by covering the pockets with different fabric and adding some ribbon. We really liked them, and they were not too over the top. And they were practical- some of those supplies we used would not have been kind to clothes. Some ladies really go for the gaudy at these things (how many things can you tie to a flip flop and still walk?- you'd be surprised.) DeAun was pleased that I didn't offend her style asthetic (sp?) and make her wear something hideous out of guilt.
Subbed a half day today for 6th grade. Boy, sixth grade in September is way different than sixth grade in April, which is when I subbed for them last year. These guys are still learning how to go to their lockers. Subbing again tomorrow, but I only have to do it for an IEP meeting, so I am probably going to have to spend some time in the counseling office filing or something.
Yoga tonight for the first time this fall session- actually this one will go through June. It was so lovely. Just as I thought after the marvelous massage we had at the Aji Spa- I do not relax enough in my daily life. I really need to work on that. (Work on relaxing? Does that sound right??)
Tomorrow starts the Biggest Loser, and I am embarrassingly excited about the start of a new season. I don't watch much real TV, and that is a favorite for sure. I love to see those people lose that weight. And they work so hard, all while I sit on my couch watching them. I'll be looking for favorites right from the start. Makes my 5 lbs seem like I am just not trying (and some days I am not), but I love to see these people drop 17 lbs in one week. If only.....

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