Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's a Girl!! About 7 lbs.

Here is Summer! Isn't she the prettiest little girl puppy?? I am loving her so much, except at 3 in the morning while she cries. I can't take it, especially since Mark is gone. I was up most of the night- of course Summer has been sleeping most of the day- but I haven't -so tonight should be fun again!!
With a face like that, she can get away with a lot, I am afraid!! She is so blond- I think she looks like a seal pup (with ears!)
I spent today doing a set of senior portraits- I am pretty happy with them. I have quite a few for them to look at. I have one more swim meet to do- I'll get that done tomorrow. Then I can finally get to some great pics I took of Alex and Alyssa, and they really want me to spend some time on the Jonas Brothers pics I have (from all three concerts I have attended this year!)
Tomorrow I have a mammogram, so think about me after lunchtime. I am really nervous- which is why I set an appointment soon. I don't have time to chicken out or stress too incredibly much.

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Gena said...

your puupy is quite cute. I can not imagine. Is it like having a baby in the house?