Monday, July 7, 2008


I have been struggling with my productivity for a little while now. I think part of my outlook is dependent on my productivity, and so when it is low, I am low. Also, we had a weekend of no air conditioning, which also affects my general mood. Yesterday and today, I did some stuff. Lots of business stuff that really needed doing. I am feeling slightly better now, less like the ship is going to sink. I have made plans for improvements (a recurring theme in my life) and hope that they will help me be more consistent. In other news, the air conditioning was fixed today (AT NO CHARGE I MIGHT ADD) so that will help my mood as well. A good night's sleep is always beneficial to me, and I don't sleep well hot.
The last project I had to do for my photography class was a photo essay- it needed to have an "establishing shot, a mid range shot and a detail shot." Here was my entry:

They weren't my favorite photos of all time, but I had a difficult time picking a theme. I may try and do a few more of these photo essays- they help focus your efforts. I tend to shoot randomly at times, and this aids in organization. You can pick almost any theme, or it also plays into event photography, setting the scene, getting the details, etc.
I have a senior photo shoot tomorrow morning- I am looking forward to it. I got out my studio lights and backdrop tonight and I practiced my lighting. My class really helped me with a few things, especially moving people away from the background- you get less shadow that way- you should try it. My instructor was big on the shallow depth of field for a blurry background. I like those, too, but you have to be very careful of your focus points. I am taking this particular girl downtown in Fredericksburg and then back here for some studio shots after we use the morning light outside.
This part of my job I love- taking photos and processing them. The business side of things not so much, but it must be done, or you no longer get to do the taking and processing part.
In other news, I am trying, once again, to establish a daily devotional time. I really stink at this, which is why I am putting it out here into the blogosphere. I have always been one to cram my homework for Bible Study into one or two sessions before class. (I know, I know, for shame...) I have just finished reading A Modern Girl's Guide to Bible Study by Jen Hatmaker, and I really want to put it into practice. So, Shellie and Susan and DeAun (the only readers of this blog as far as I know), would you like to join me? The book is quite entertaining, and I need some accountability here. Let me know-


Rochelle McLean said...

I am in. :)

DeAun said...

do I need to order the book or is it at the local B&N? I guess that means I am in.