Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This is Love

This is my birthday cake- made for me by my youngest daughter Alyssa. It was a labor of love, and only someone who decorates cakes can truly appreciate that. It involved two trips to the store, a miscalculation on doubling ingredients that resulted in four times as much frosting as was needed, and a lot of stress over writing with an icing tip. Considering she is TWELVE- I think it is awesome. Probably my favorite birthday thing this year. Most adult women couldn't make a cake this beautiful- and she even thought to line the back of the stamps with parchment paper so they didn't get greasy! And, if you could taste it, you would be even more impressed- it is so light and delicious- I have a hard time walking by it in the kitchen and not tasting it. mmm- thanks honey for a great birthday cake (and we all know I am in it for the cake- if you have to get older, it is the only thing that makes it bearable). We'll be making some fourth of July cupcakes to use up all of that frosting!!

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DeAun said...

Great job, Alyssa. I know your Mom loved your birthday gift.
Aunt DeAun