Monday, June 30, 2008

Catching Up as I Turn 42!

Today is my 42nd birthday- I do not feel the slightest bit different, so that is good, I suppose. I have already received flowers from my friend Shellie in California, and Alyssa is upstairs making my birthday cake- so it should be a good day.
In an effort to start MY new year off not running behind, I am going to attempt an update of what has happened since June 4th, when I last posted.
1. Getting a kid out of high school takes a lot of time- we attended something almost every other night for the last two weeks of school. Awards nights, baccalaureate, senior banquet, etc. It was fun to see all of the kids frequently during those few weeks, but it was pretty all encompassing. Tony's biggest award was Male Athlete of theYear. We were very proud, and a little surprised- he was up against some really talented guys.
2. Tony did actually graduate from high school on June 14th. I did not cry- one friend said that was because it was my first, and another said it was because he was a boy (so I guess I'm in trouble when it is Alyssa's turn!) I didn't cry at my own graduation, either, and I had a lot of friends that did, so maybe graduations just don't do it to me. I do know I will be an absolute mess when I drive away from CNU and Tony isn't in the car with me. Count on me to lose it then.
3. Tony and I went to Christopher Newport University for his orientation. We both stayed overnight in the dorms- I enjoyed only having one bag of stuff with me. Nice to travel light for a change. The sessions were all pretty good- only a few were not necessary. The campus is really beautiful- a lot of new buildings, and it is very walkable. Tony left pretty excited for the fall. I am glad he enjoyed it- one of the girls was crying, and I felt so bad for her. Tony has no trouble meeting people, and he was vaguely amused at some of the kids inability to mix with people they don't know.
4. The girls had their dance recital, so dance is finished for the year. They did a great job- I even ordered a DVD of one of the performances- at $39 a DVD- what a racket!! The week of recital is so intense that you are counting the days for it all to be over. Summer dance starts next week, so it isn't a long break, but it is something. Both girls want to work more on their technique this summer, so they are going to take some "privates" with Alyssa's ballet teacher. They are addicted to So You Think You Can Dance, and they have aspirations of greatness.

5. We had a graduation party for Tony with way too much food and way too many drinks (of all kinds). The party was fun- lots of people came, so that made me happy. Our backyard made for a lovely party venue, and the weather even held off, even against the power of Typhoon Mary!
6. Summer Swim Team started, and the first two meets are already under our belt. Hard to believe- four more to go!
7. Alex did decide to dance on dance team, so she is going to work hard all year to ensure that she makes varsity next year. I am proud of her for continuing, and for committing to working hard. I Hope she gets what she wants out of it.
8. I've been working hard on a photography class I am taking online. Having a deadline every week really makes you get out there and use the camera (even if sometimes it is the day of the deadline!). One of my favorite pieces of advice from that class is to Practice with the Camera- she says you would not only pull out an instrument only to play it on recital days, but we often only pull out the camera on the days of big events. So I am trying to make that a practice of mine- using the camera more. My manual work has improved significantly.
9. I have finally incorporated walking into my routine again. I hope I never totally drop out of exercising again, because the amount of energy required to overcome that amount of inertia is incredible. I don't know if I have it in me to start over again.
10. I did manage to get the house all cleaned before the company came- up next- the garage and the basement. I am still in the mood to get rid of things. I need to strike while that mood it hot.
11. Waiting impatiently for my new puppy- she has opened her eyes!

O.K., posting everything that has happened makes me think that I really wasn't that busy! What's up with that?? I will try and do better on my posting. Here's to summer!!

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