Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Winding Down

The school year is definitely winding down- we are counting the days, and I have subbed my last day! I love that, because this time of year it is really babysitting more than anything, and I don't enjoy babysitting 13 year olds. The students are done, the teachers are done- it really isn't pretty.
Tomorrow I continue on my cleaning up and out project that I hope to finish in the next 7 days or so. I don't know if it can be done, but if it can, I will do it. I cleaned out under the bathroom cabinets- can you say medication that expired in 2006??- on Tuesday, worked on the linen closet organization, etc. I am ready to move on to the other rooms, because I am taking over the kids rooms on Monday morning if they have not sufficiently cleaned them by then. Having company always makes me motivated to get the house cleaned, and since moving here, we really haven't had much overnight company. (could be the lack of a guest room, but I don't know- that would be a reason Mark would say not to have a guest room, and I would say the opposite.)
Alex tried out for dance team today, and when I picked her up, she wasn't pleased with her performance and was claiming there was no way she would make varsity. She, unfortunately, was right. She made the JV squad again, and since she was captain of the JV squad last year, she is thinking of not dancing this year and swimming instead. That would be fine with me; I am just upset that she didn't get what she wanted. She is definitely not happy, and I hate it when my kids aren't happy, or don't get what they want. I know she will enjoy swimming, and anything else she chooses to do, but that is not the point tonight.
Alyssa doesn't have to go to school tomorrow because of the testing schedule. She is my best hope at cleaning help, so I am optimistic about what we can get done, with the bribe of eating out for lunch, or something. We shall see. I want to walk in the morning, but the tornado warnings will have to stop first.
Alyssa came down already tonight complaining about the lightning waking her up, and I know I won't sleep well with all of this racket going on. For some reason, this house howls with wind. It really freaks me out- I feel like I am going to wake up to big pieces of siding lying in the grass. When Mark is gone, it is really bad. Maybe I am tired enough to sleep through it tonight.
Off to bed to get some rest to be ready to work tomorrow.

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