Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yoga Again

O.k. maybe yoga does something to me that makes me able to blog. Relax me a bit, perhaps??
Tonight's class was really nice. I hope they continue these classes in the fall- I could get used to a bit of weekly peace.

Tomorrow I am headed to Hershey Park, PA for a day at the amusement park followed by a concert by the Jonas Brothers. Not peaceful, but it should be fun anyway. The girls are thrilled about the concert, and I am pretty excited about the chocolate. Haven't ever been there, so it should be a fun day and a half. Mark has secured me a pair of ear plugs in an effort to drown out the screaming so that I might actually hear the music. (What a thought) My voice is almost gone, which is probably not ideal in that no one would be able to hear me even without the screaming, but I have no shot of being heard now.

Our puppy has been selected and she is adorable- see below:

We will be able to pick her up next week. I can hardly wait to snuggle with that little one. Her name is Summer, and she is a very light golden.
If everyone has purchased the bible study book, I would love to start lesson one on Monday, the 28th. I'll try and post as part of my study. (accountability, you know) Business has been busy, which is good, but it has kept me away from my blog. I will try and find a specific time each day to do my blogging- for the next few weeks it will be in the morning during my devotional time. (note the confidence!)
Off to Chocolate World- there is actually an attraction named that- how fabulous!!


DeAun said...

Ooooh, She is so cute. I can't wait to maybe snuggle with her.

I did buy the book and I have even read a little of it. I will look at the first lesson.


susan15341 said...

I haven't gotten it - I will order it tonight but even with two day shipping, it won't come until Wed. Is it something I can catch up on or should we wait until I have my book? Sorry I forgot to order it!