Monday, May 12, 2008

Snow Day? Rain Day?

My kids were off school today for rain. Apparently, our drought ridden landscape cannot handle 6.5 inches of rainfall in only four days. Anyway, thank goodness for text messaging. My high schoolers would have gone all the way to school if not for a few well-timed texts. I had been watching the news all morning and no mention of no school at all- then suddenly, we were being texted that there was no school. I checked the school website, and sure enough, no school today. So I still haven't had that full day at home alone since my sub job ended.

However, much like our lesson at church on Sunday, I took some iniative in Tony's room. I think I washed almost every piece of clothing the boy owns, and we discovered that he owns way too much. We got rid of a few things, but he is completely stocked for clothing. Maybe not shorts, but certainly everything else. The things we got rid of were things from freshman year, when he wore things really big... so they weren't things he had grown out of, but rather things he finds too large to wear now. We (read I) reorganized all of his drawers and his closet. More navy mesh shorts and white t-shirts than anyone can imagine. That cleaned off his floor for the most part. I may go in there tomorrow and try to finish a few things up. I think I did a dozen loads of laundry today, and I am still not finished. Tony has been washing just what he needed for the next day for a while now, so his had really piled up.

On Sunday afternoon, I managed to get a few good pics to be senior pictures of the boy. I like these a lot better than the ones I took in the fall. This was taken just inside the front door, using the natural light from the open door- during a two hour period where it was not raining! Part of this was an assignment for my photography class- using natural light and full manual settings for the camera. I really like the results.

Tomorrow, Alyssa gets her braces off, and as that is the only thing keeping her looking like a 12 year old, I am not sure what to expect. I'll try and have pics tomorrow.
Hopefully everyone will be back where they are supposed to be tomorrow.

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