Monday, May 19, 2008


We won the first round of the district baseball tournament tonight (3-0 against Massaponax). I am very excited for the team. They have been through a lot lately, and they deserve some wins.
Subbed today- not really liking the one day sub jobs. I enjoy more autonomy than that. I had to sit in class while they read silently. The teachers are doing something called Work to the Rule. In order to protest the fact that they are not getting any kind of raise this year, they are just working to the absolute letter of their contracts. That means not getting there a minute early, and not staying a minute extra. It was odd to have someone coming through the halls saying- three more minutes, you need to be out of here at the end of the day.
Planned a lot of things to do in the house before the big graduation to do. Need to start on some of that tomorrow. I may even call a house cleaner to see how much that would be the week of the party. It would be so nice to have all of that done at once- just can't afford much to have someone else do it.
Must go to bed- game two of the tournament is tomorrow at 5. Can't wait.

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