Saturday, May 10, 2008

Back to Normal??

Well, my long term sub assignment ended on Thursday, so I had a day to myself on Friday. I cleaned out my clothes closet and my front entry closet. So far, so good, on adapting the front closet to keep me from dumping my stuff in the chair in the office. I have been really good about putting my camera bag and purse away when I come in the front door. Hopefully, it will become a habit.
I worked on a "poster" for Tony for our church today. Parents put together a poster (most people, including me, use a multi-opening frame) to hang in the church for a couple of weeks around graduation time. It is supposed to depict their life this far. Well, I found a frame that I kind of liked, but it is VERY difficult to narrow an 18 year life down to 15 pictures. There were so many that didn't make the cut- I can hardly believe it. I made sure there were some with Alex and Alyssa, and some with Mark and I, and a family photo, and photos of all different ages- it was tough. I think it is going to be nice- now that I have selected the photos, I need to trim them and clean the glass, and put the whole thing together. The frame is black- and there is no mat, just the frame (I'll try and post a picture of it when I finish it.) I am thinking about using white rubons to put a few words on it, but I don't know. I may just leave it plain. I did find that I didn't think I took enough pictures of Tony in the years when the girls were little- I didn't like that.
Today I walked through a scrapbook store just for the inspiration. I need to work on some pages- I have been concentrating on my photography class, and haven't given Library of Memories the time it deserves. I hope to catch up a bit in the next few weeks. My plan is to give myself some days with time to myself that doesn't involve shopping. I have no problem taking time for myself if it involves leaving the house (i.e. to shop!), but I can't seem to take that time if I am in the house. I guess I feel guilt if I am here and not doing anything to help the house- I don't know why shopping doesn't bother me. Out of sight, out of mind, I guess. I am hoping to plan some scrapping and reading days instead of shopping days.
I read a blog by Ali Edwards and this week she had a whole series on words + photos. All about writing the stories of our life. I need to do that. Looking through all of those storage albums, looking for pictures of Tony, I was reminded of a lot of stories that I am not sure I have told in my albums. The series is really good. I like her style- she is very honest in her journaling, and she always starts with the story. I always start with teh photos, almost exclusively. She is also very good at documenting her life right now- her coffee, her laptop, etc. I would like to do that, too. When I think that Tony was already almost a year old when we bought our first computer! The changes we have been through just in our family... see there is a story right there! I need to get busy- she uses a journaling program on the mac, but I will probably just open a word document.
Have a wonderful Mother's Day- I wasn't too good with coming up with ideas for things I wanted, so who knows what I will get?! I would like all of the chores to be done. I don't know if that will happen, and I want to take pictures of Tony in his cap and gown. Hopefully that can happen tomorrow. I would want to go to DC or somewhere, but it is supposed to rain AGAIN tomorrow.

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