Monday, May 5, 2008

Welcome Spring

We are finally at a place where I believe spring is here to stay. Virginia is the only place I have ever lived where the seasons are like the ones in the story books- 3 months for each. It will indeed still be spring here into June, whereas in Atlanta where I grew up, spring was a couple of weeks in early April when the dogwoods and the azaleas bloomed just before the humidity hit. Summer will last until October, and then it will be fall for 2 weeks until winter comes. In Virginia, I have discovered that 3 months is too long for most seasons. You are really good and tired of one before the next one comes. Perhaps it is just the conditioning of growing up in the deeper south, but spring is way too long for me. I love the summer, and it makes the end of the school year seem to drag on.

Speaking of the end of the school year- my last long term day is three short days away. I cannot believe it. Tony is graduating in 6 weeks. Ack! We just received the form to sign up for monthly tuition payments, which conveniently, start in June. So hard to believe- some days I don't think he will make it in college, and then I remember all of the idiots I went to college with who did just fine, and I know he can do better than they did. I just don't know. Sometimes the judgment of a 18 year old is a little off. (and yes, I had to go back and type over the number where I just typed 17 instead of 18). Maybe I was an old soul, but I remember being more mature than this. Maybe it is a faulty memory.

So, welcome spring, it is about time you got here. I will try to enjoy all of you and not rush the hot summer along.
ps- look closely at the sidelight windows- can you find the crazy Marine??

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