Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Tonight's game did not go as planned- we lost 4-3 in a game with Albemarle. We beat them twice in the regular season. We had 11 hits and only 3 runs- we left 12 runners on base. We got hits, just not enough of them together. Tony's high school baseball career is officially over. Weird. At least he is not done playing ball forever- we have college games to look forward to.
Tony handled it very well. He had a good game personally, so I think that helps. Another thing finished at the end of the year- but this time it is the last year, so that makes it different.
Busy making invitations for the graduation party, and ordering senior pics from the developer, and addressing announcements. Hard to believe it is all almost over- not just baseball. very weird.
Alex and Alyssa have been such troupers while we drove to Tony's games and left them to go to dance and get picked up by different people. Tomorrow is Alex's chorus concert. I am glad we will all get to go to that. Alyssa's year is winding down, too. SOL tests start this week for her- the schools go all kinds of crazy over them, but thankfully, they don't faze my kids too much.
Feel a cold coming on- need some rest, so I am going to head to bed.

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