Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Best Laid Plans...

so, back to that to-do list for Monday. I had just started listing items on page 2 while I was having breakfast. Not the best thing to do while you eat, but I was trying to multi-task. The phone rang, and it was the school where I substitute teach. I was planning to turn down the job as I answered the phone. I just needed a couple of days after spring break without the kids in the house to get things back on track. Guess again- the woman whose maternity leave I was covering had the nerve to have her baby on the last night of spring break. (TWO WEEKS early- none of my kids came early- o.k. none of my kids came without being forced, but still...) So I got no notice, and now I am back in the classroom every day until May 9. Not that I am counting or anything.

I am teaching Math to sixth graders. Yesterday I had to show them how to measure things with a ruler. It isn't the Geometry class I was teaching in January, but you can't say they won't ever use it.

My two page list is being pushed to the weekend, along with a few other things that will need to happen during that very short two day period. I know I am a whiner about this, but I do not know how moms who work full time do it. I know I would have to have some hired help, which would mean making more money than this. I am paying the youngest child to do a few jobs around the house- she cleaned out my refrigerator beautifully, and she is working on the pantry as I type. Love that kid.

My Spring Challenge is starting slowly. I haven't done any of the exercise part unless driving counts. I am concentrating on water and sleep this week. I will try and continue to add to it as I go. I really want to get my act together about my health. Every Wednesday I take my friend to Chemotherapy for her breast cancer. Every Wednesday we talk and laugh and make plans for "Chemo- the musical." She is amazing. I know she hears it all of the time from all kinds of people. I have to say that I have said she was amazing from the time that I met her, well before a cancer diagnosis focused attention on her amazing-ness. She is an excellent teacher, but more importantly, an excellent human being. Proud to know her. Proud to drive her to chemo and sit beside her. (Will link to her blog as soon as I figure out how to do that.) But I have to say that Wednesdays have started making me focus on my health. At 41, I need to work a little more diligently on that.

and with that, I need some sleep...

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