Sunday, April 20, 2008

42nd Street

We had a bit of a rough weekend. Justin's viewing was Friday, and the funeral was Saturday. Attending funerals for 18 year olds is WAY down on the list of things I ever want to do again. Tony did such a good job speaking. I could tell he was nervous (talked a little fast), but he did a great job. I asked him if being a pall bearer was hard after he got back from the graveside, and he said it was, and that he never wanted to do that again. I hope he doesn't have to do it for a friend again until he is a very old man.

We ended Friday and Saturday nights with 42nd Street, and that was wonderful. I was amazed at the talent. There is a lot of tap dancing in that show, and the girls were fabulous. The voices on the leads were amazing as well. So proud of all of those girls I know through Tony and Alex. Considering the drama teacher left before production really started, and the choral teacher was out on maternity leave, it could have been a major mess. It was not in any way a mess. I loved it all, and it helped to end my Saturday on such a happier note.
Can't believe another week starts tomorrow. This past week was alternately really long and really quick. Mark is on his way to Camp LeJeune for a couple of days. I hope to have things in the house under better control when he gets back. I am particularly intrigued by a book DeAun gave me- The House that Cleans Itself. Would love to get that working. I am about half way through, and I can definitely see the wisdom. Going to try and start slowly while I am still working.
Looking forward to a more positive week and time to blog and work on pictures. Have an assignment for class that I didn't have time for this weekend, and will have to fit it in tomorrow. All about Point of View. Can't wait- may need to bribe Alyssa...


DeAun said...

Great pictures! Alex looks beautiful.

Babies in Bloom said...

I will second DeAun and say Alex is absolutely gorgeous. I am glad the show went well. I bet it was a nice thing after such a difficult few days. :)