Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Today was our last chemo Wednesday! For the last 11 weeks or so, I have been taking my friend to chemotherapy on Wednesday mornings. (She had twelve of these treatments, but I wasn't there for the first one) Then, I drive her back to school where she teaches for the rest of the day. Since I have been long term subbing for the past three weeks, I have been going back to work, too. Today was the last treatment!! It was very exciting- we took the whole day off to go out to lunch and shop a bit. Very nice break in the middle of the work week. A little emotional- -I will miss my Wednesday mornings with Gena and all of the fabulous nurses that are on staff at the oncology center. The picture is of Gena with Dr. Muir, who promised to wear his kilt on the day of her last treatment. He really came through- doesn't he look great? I mean, this was not just throwing on a skirt- check out the tassels on the socks and everything!
All of the other patients applauded as they took out the line and announced it was her last treatment. Several said how much they enjoyed having her there, but hoped they would never see her in the chairs there again. Amen to that. Here's hoping this protocol wiped out any vestige of remaining cancer. She's on to reconstruction and final healing. Nothing but good thoughts and prayers heading her way. I just know she is on the road back to total health.

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