Friday, April 11, 2008

Ahead of the Game

It is Friday afternoon, and I am already home from school. We had a teacher workday, and I got to leave after my grades were exported (and not before 2:30). My grades were exported before noon, so I am way ahead on next week. All of the copying and planning is done. Hooray- good to know I won't be rushing around when I go in on Monday! Love feeling ahead of the game, and work is one of the only places I get that. You are almost never ahead of the game at home. Darn kids want to eat more than once a day, and don't get me started on how many clothes they wear. Laundry could be a full time occupation. Nice to be ahead somewhere.
This weekend, I am shooting a two year old birthday party- I am kind of excited. Been a while since I've done the Blue's Clues set. Hoping to get some good images. Maybe even some for my class. If I can't get a good one tomorrow, I will have to set something up for Sunday. My class is studying Documentation (what we do most of the time) vs. Interpretation (what those classic images are) Hoping to luck upon an interpretive image or two of independence or toddlerhood, or something. We'll see. Hope the weather holds for outside shots, and for the sake of the mom giving the party.
Baseball game tonight- shooting that, too. Need to process both games this weekend. Also have a quinceanara to go to Saturday evening. Should be nice. Alex is dancing in this one for her friend Alexis. Hope to get a few good shots of that, too. Camera should be getting a workout. I need all the practice I can get.
I really need to work on perfecting the technical aspects of the camera so that the art of the picture is all I have to really think about. Once the technical part is good, the critical eye is all you have to worry about. That only comes with practice. Working on it- time (as always and with all things) is an issue. At least I will be forced to work with the camera this weekend. It's a good thing.

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