Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blog Update

Haven't blogged as much as I want to, but this full time work is kicking my butt. I really need a little time to myself. Luckily, there is a lot of photography work right now between baseball and a few spring sessions, but that just continues to cut into the "me" time.

1. Biggest Loser- I love this show and everyone needs to go and vote for Roger to be in the finale. I have really gotten into this season- I am not sure, but I am thinking Ali might really be the first female biggest loser. Roger is a big guy (6'3") and I don't know how small he can get. I tell everyone I know that I want to be on "The Moderate Loser" for people who want to lose between 10 and 50 lbs. Ok., and I want to know the plan they were on this last week, for people to lose 10-15 lbs. in week 15 of a diet and exercise plan, they did SOMETHING- that doesn't just happen.

2. The sun is finally shining again. At least for this afternoon. I do not do well without light. Ask anyone. I am not productive in drizzly gray days, and that is all we have had for a week. probably a contributing factor to lack of blog.

3. The mama dog for my as yet unconceived (is that a word?) puppy is in heat! She should be bred this weekend, and that means an LL Bean cover-worthy puppy is headed my way at the end of next month. I cannot wait to get a new puppy. They are so much fun. Furry love.

4. I have a teacher workday tomorrow. I have some work to get done, and I think they are going to let us work tomorrow and not go to a bunch of classes. That means I will have completed two weeks of my six. So much shorter than the last job!

5. So much to do- don't know when it is all going to get done, but I got one of the hardest things off my list today, so YAY for me.

I'll try and be a little more consistent on this blogging thing. I think it is good for me to write things down and gain a little perpective.

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