Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Andrea Adams, photographer, Stafford, Virginia

Ten on Tuesday:

1. Mother’s Day was great. Went out to dinner at Kobe’s- managed to catch the shrimp in my mouth for the second year in a row. :)
2. One of my Mother’s Day gifts was some upside-down tomato planters. I planted the seeds yesterday. I can’t hang them upside down until they are 5” high. Hope it doesn’t take too long.

3. Mark got me a speaker set for my iPod, so I am able to listen to it all over the main floor. Currently listening to Wicked. “Are people born wicked, or do they have wickedness thrust upon them??”

4. Made an angel food cake for Bible Study tonight. Going to make sweetened whipped cream and macerate some berries to go with. (like the use of the term macerate??)

5. I am really enjoying my LOAD challenge. (Layout a Day) Every day in May, I make and upload a layout to Flickr and the LOAD group. I am starting to get better- the more I scrap, the better and faster I get. It also shows me that doing something every day can really improve your performance quickly. Need to practice writing and photography on a daily basis. Something else to add to the schedule.
6. I finally got the new bedding from Pottery Barn. I really like it. I also got the tie-backs for my curtains. I have picked out the paint, now I just need to buy it and figure out how to paint a room full of furniture while we are still living in it. I am used to painting rooms before we move in. When you don’t move for 8 years, you have to paint some stuff again.

7. Tony is still looking for a job. Heard a rumor that he had been hired, but it is yet to be confirmed. It would be with a moving company, which sounds absolutely horrible to me, but satisfies his need not to sit behind a desk or stand behind a checkout counter. (although plenty of those applications are in, too.) We’ll see what he gets.
8. Staying home is soooo much better than going to work. Fixing dinner is not such a chore when you have had all day to do little things, and you aren’t rushing to get home to get it started. Laundry gets done, things aren’t completely a wreck all of the time. (just some of the time!)
9. Mark is going through the shock you go through when you suddenly see how much Uncle Sam is taking out in taxes from your ENTIRE check, not just your “base pay.” He said this morning- “They take a third of everything I make; why should I even go to work?” I quickly reminded him- for the other 2/3s.
10. I love Chuck! If you don’t watch it, it is really getting good. Get the first couple of seasons on DVD and catch up this summer.

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DeAun said...

good post - I am still chuckling over the "tax" shock. Now, try not having it taken out, but having to write a check for that amount every quarter. Yuck!