Thursday, May 6, 2010

Andrea Adams, photographer Stafford, Virginia

I was looking at links from other blogs one day and stumbled upon Bethany Fields' blog. She is a photographer in Texas. I loved her flower photos with the textures on them. You will have to scroll down to see them- I love the ones of the lilacs. I had never seen photos like these, and I wanted to try it out. I e-mailed her and asked about the textures she was using, and those cost a lot of money. I just wanted to play around a bit. These are my first attempts at using textures on photos for an artistic effect. I got the textures for free from In the first one, I used a concrete texture:

In this one, I used a dirty metal texture:

Kind of neat, don't you think? I am trying to get more creative with my photography in order to re-energize myself. I really enjoyed working on these, so that is good. The yellow iris were from in front of the library, and the purple and white one was in a yard I passed while walking the dog.

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