Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twilight- Midnight Showing

Somewhere I am either getting a mother of the year award for taking my daughters to be among the first to see this movie, or someone is making notes to take my kids away for keeping them out until 2:30 a.m. to see this movie on a school night.

At this point in their teenage lives, my girls enjoy a homemade t-shirt to commemorate every event- concerts, movie openings, whatever- here is the shirt for twilight-

Yes- I wear one, too. I am also a fan of the books, so it was fitting. Here is the back of the shirts- a quote from the first book-

I enjoyed having others ask us where we bought them! (Oh, the poor mother needs more of a creative outlet, don't you think?)

My review of the movie is four stars- mainly because of this:

I actually just read a review that said his eyes (and the fact that you can see the white of his eyes under his irises) are what make him attractive- apparently Marilyn Monroe and JFK both had this type of eye. I am not sure that is all of the appeal, but it does make his vampire stare more effective! I will leave you with an image that illustrates the longing inherent in this movie- (insert sigh here)

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