Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Thoughts on a Democracy

Well, I just have to say how grateful I am to live in a country where everyone can vote, someone wins, and we have a peaceful change of power. The definition of democracy- majority rules. It was exciting to take Alyssa with me (Alex had to be at the school) to vote. Even if my guy didn't win, the political process was fabulous- lines to vote!- this from a country where some years half of the eligible voters didn't bother to make it out to the polls. Tony voted for the first time, too- yikes!-I am old!

I spent the day today with our third president, Mr. Jefferson, at Monticello, and I will have pictures soon- I took enough, I will have to sort through them and share some good ones. Because I don't like posts without some pictures, here is one of the new voter- taken in August when Summer was a little smaller.

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