Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween- the day after

I am really having a hard time getting going doing anything this morning. I thought I would add my Halloween photos to the blog. DeAun, I expect to see photos of the slutty fairy as well.

Well, folks, this is what you get when a Disney freak of a kid with her own DVD player picks her costume- Ariel from the Little Mermaid. Not so unusual, you would think, but this is Ariel from a very specific scene in the movie- the one where she gets her legs, is spit up onto the beach and scuttle dresses her. In case your Disney mind isn't quite as sharp as Alyssa's- here's a reminder of the scene:

I had to have her pause the DVD so I could make the costume. Here is our take on the lovely white dress that Scuttle threw together with some rope:I did make her wear some type of shoe, and Matt gets major kudos for putting up with her. She was really glad to have a Prince Eric, though. Oh the power of the mouse- what would Halloween be without Disney characters?? I saw lots of them last night.

I took some other pictures yesterday, too. The light was really perfect as I walked in from subbing, so I made the girls brush their hair and come outside. I got some really good ones. Here are a couple:

Alyssa took that last one. Happy Fall Y'all and Happy Birthday, DeAun! (I didn't think you'd want me spouting your age all over the internet!!)

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