Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HEALTHY- how's that going for you?

Keeping up with my HEALTHY resolutions-
Healthy Body
sleep 8 hours a night- going to bed earlier, not up to 8 hours a night, though. Trying not to turn on the tv in the bedroom at night. So far, so good with that.
give up soda- started Sonoma Diet Wave 1 this week, so no soda since Saturday
drink more water- drinking more- having some at breakfast since no juice this 10 days
eat 5 fruits and veggies a day- right now all veggies, since I am on wave 1 for Sonoma- no fruit until next Tuesday.
walk the dog 5x a week- FAIL FAIL FAIL- temperatures not cooperating, either.
take three classes a week (yoga, etc.)- yoga is a go, nothing else yet
stretch with Alyssa 2x a week- FAIL FAIL

Healthy Mind
read 50 books in a year- I’ve read My Nest isn’t Empty, The One that I want, Organized Simplicity, and MiniShopaholic since the year started
complete 2 photography projects- haven’t picked projects yet
meditate (work up to 10 minutes at a time)- haven’t worked on this yet
create a monthly review scrapbook layout- will do it the first week of the following month
visit a museum once a month- tried to go in DC, but it wasn’t open
complete the scrapbooking classes I sign up for- Darci Dowdle, I am sorry. I am planning on getting pictures printed, etc. this weekend for her class.
complete NaNoWriMo in January- I’m WAAAAAY behind, but I want to keep writing

Healthy Finances
complete Dave Ramsey class-hasn’t started yet
feel in control- not yet
monthly meeting with Mark- planned one for this week

Healthy Marriage
date night once a month with Mark (and the financial meeting doesn't count)- not yet, making plans

Healthy Home
organized cleaning plan- my only plan so far is my group cleaning on the weekend, but that has helped
completing projects in a timely manner (I will try and make a list of projects for each month)- haven’t made my full list yet
In January, my one goal is to finish reupholstering the chair I started in the fall- bought stapes for the staple gun this week

Healthy Spirit
daily devotional time and more prayer-retreat was good, but still need it to be a daily habit.

Since this is the last week of the month, I have a lot to do this week!!

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Susan said...

Lots to do! Reminds me why I didn't make such a detailed list!!! Less to say I haven't done!