Thursday, October 30, 2008

Good Idea/Bad Idea

I had a great idea to send a little Halloween treat to my son in college. Yesterday I packed a small box with fun size Skittles, sour patch kids, swedish fish, some pop rocks (Yes, I found them in Michaels), a Batman Pez dispenser, and a cute little card. I was pleased that I actually got it in the mail in time to get to him by Halloween. Unfortunately, this involved opening the Halloween candy. Hmm- fun sized Reese's anyone? Halloween candy should come with warning labels because something so small can't have any calories, right? I held out until the 29th- does that get me any awards?
Went below 32 last night, so the impatiens just gave up the ghost. I will try and pull them all up in the morning before I go to the school. I am subbing tomorrow afternoon- Friday/Halloween/8th graders- does anyone else see any attention issues here? Then I was called today to sub at the high school tomorrow afternoon- high schoolers vs. 8th graders- I think I have the better deal.
Tonight is pumpking carving- I found Disney princess stencils, and my girls are thrilled. No, they are not preschoolers, they are teenagers- why do you ask?? If I could have found Jonas Brothers stencils- which probably do exist on the web somewhere if I wanted to look- they might have been happier, but I don't know for sure.
Need to finish Alyssa's costume- working on the glittering starfish for her hair- and start dinner. will try to have pictures of the pumpkins tomorrow. Too bad I have to walk right by that Halloween candy on my way to the kitchen- 3 whoppers never killed anybody, right??

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