Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ten on Tuesday (kind of) Andrea Adams, photographer

Ten on Tuesday (I know its Wednesday, but Monday was a holiday, so this still counts, right?)

1. Finished with LOAD for May 2010. Actually completed all 31 layouts and got them uploaded on time.

2. Ordered a computer battery for my laptop. I have been plugged in to my laptop turned desktop for several months now. Finally splurged the $45 to get a new battery. Who knew they were so cheap? I love

3. Have postponed my NaNoWriMo until July. Hoping to have Alex and maybe Alyssa join me. Am waiting for successful tales from DeAun and her girls with their June editions. (I totally just typed tails- is that Freudian? Or just bad typing?)

4. Still trying to find a balance of home/work/home- improvement time. SOOO many things I want to do. So many things I actually already have the supplies for. JUST DO IT should be my mantra. Bought paint for the bedroom- it hasn’t been tinted yet, but I bought the paint.

5. Alex takes the SAT this week. Lots of stress this week as well. Can’t wait for Saturday evening.

6. Going strong on the exercise plan- now attempting to put a better eating plan in place. No refined sugar for a month. (except for one graduation party where I know there will be a cake made by pretty Amy!) I will be having some kind of birthday cake on my birthday, though. Hopefully, moderation in July. I may not be very nice in June.

7. Bible Study covered the story of Abraham taking Isaac up the mountain to sacrifice him last night. I think Beth Moore had a good point when she said to notice that God didn’t ask Sarah to do it. Made me feel a little better about my emotions concerning that story. (Genesis 22 if you want to read it.)

8. Need to work on Abbey’s scrapbook for Michele. Plan to use one or two full days to get it done. If not called in to sub tomorrow, I think tomorrow will be day one.

9. Was reading about Ali Edwards’ one little word for 2010 again today on her blog, and I CANNOT REMEMBER MY WORD. Obviously, it is not having much of an impact on me this year. She did say it wasn’t too late to change it. If anyone reading this remembers my word, would you leave it in the comments, please? I can remember my word for 2008- less, and my word for 2009- better, but 2010? A total blank. If I can’t remember it, I may come up with a new one.

10. Got my hair cut yesterday. Finally. It is just to my shoulders now. Pretty cute, I think. I didn’t use a curling iron on it today, and it looked o.k. Was hoping for a photo, but that will have to wait a day or two.

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DeAun said...

so proud of you on your LOAD in May! great accomplishment. i can't remember your word, but my memory is pretty shot. would love to see pictures of your hair - or better yet, see it in person.