Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Favorites

Christmas music is something that really makes the holiday for me. I have more Christmas CDs and ahem, cassette tapes(!) of Christmas music than the rest of my music library combined. I have many favorites, the first being, the classic:

The next is an album (yes, vinyl) that DeAun and I listened to every Christmas Eve to help us fall asleep.

This one isn't music, but if anyone can get me a copy, I would love you forever. All I have is the record jacket- see how old I am? I know the term record jacket. My kids have never even heard of a record jacket, they only know CDs with digital extras. (I digress.)- It is the story of some kids going to the north pole, and it is narrated by the Sugar Plum Fairy. Even a digital copy would be o.k.

Enjoy- I could list a lot of other Christmas CDs- like the Carpenters, Amy Grant's first Christmas one, and Mariah Carey (surprisingly good!) but I can't list them all. I love Christmas, and the right music really sets the mood. Here's to a great and productive Christmas weekend! I am a busy little elf!!

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