Monday, April 27, 2009

Georgetown Cupcake

When Alyssa and I spent Friday of Spring Break week in Georgetown, this was the motivation for going. I had followed the "Cupcake Wars" in the Washington Post Food section during the fall, and Georgetown Cupcake had pretty much wiped the floor with any competition. I had been wanting to go ever since- finding time to take such a small trip took a lot longer than I thought.
Alyssa was lured by the prospect of shopping in Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie- and checking out this successful cupcake bakery, since she would really like to own one one day. The cupcakes were indeed lovely and delicious. We brought these 6 home, after having one each sitting in Georgetown. So we tried 8 flavors- our favorite was the coconut and for me, the chocolate squared came in a close second. My only complaint was that most of the vanilla frosting is all cream cheese, and I prefer buttercream. I think the cherry blossom had buttercream. We split every cupcake we brought home so we could both taste all of the flavors.
The bakery didn't open until 11- we passed by it around 10:45- already a line forming. I thought it would die down after they opened. Wrong. We waited in line for about 25 minutes to get in to the tiny place to order our cupcakes. Definitely worth the wait- no fake frosting, or tough cake mix type cakes. yum...
Shopping in Georgetown was a lot of fun, and I wish I had more time to do stuff like that with the girls. Alex was on her way to Myrtle Beach with the school chorus this particular day. Those Saturday dance classes really mess with our available time for fun. I would like to plan more fun (I am starting to realize that if I don't plan it, it will not "just happen" like it did when they were smaller and unscheduled.).
I have photos to edit,and I must get ready for my day and start thinking about more fun to be planned.

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