Friday, January 9, 2009

Training- the dog and me

Today was Summer's 4th doggy training class. We have both learned a lot, I think. She is a real performer in front of the instructor- continuing that performance at home with all of the distractions is another thing entirely. Much like her mother, who has always performed well in class, but real life- that's another story- too many distractions for me, too.
Purchased this today. I am looking forward to getting in another day of yoga every week. I hope Bob can help me really lose weight while doing yoga. I have been wanting a second day of yoga for a while, and hopefully I can be consistent in getting it done. I am also enjoying my Wii Fit, but I have a hard time getting time on it between the kids and the fact that it is on the big TV- the TV used for football in this house.
Lots of reading to do, and I am currently spending way too much time playing word games on facebook...
Got out a lot of clothes today to get ready to pack for the cruise- I am getting really excited. Looking for some cute shoes to wear- will have to go to DSW this weekend or on Monday. Looked at Target, Ross, and TJ Maxx already. Nothing in my size.

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Gena said...

your girls are beautiful. I love the pictures. Sure hope all is well with you.